Friday, July 25, 2008

Craving Curbing

"A widely accepted reason for certain cravings (especially during pregnancy) is a drop in the body's levels of the vitamins and minerals contained in the food craved"* I used to believe this. I used to believe that your body knows what's best, and if it's telling you that 3 lbs of strawberries sound delish, well, then you should go with it. And the hippie in me still wants to believe that. But i'm having a hard time thinking that I should listen to my body right now cause this is all it's telling me to eat....

I honestly could put this stuff in a cup and sip it through a coffee straw!!!
It's way too spicy for me, yet i can't get enough of it!!

This one's possibly linked to my obsession with peeling
things, but honestly, does it get any better than strawberry pull 'n peels?!?!
(I know that about half of you just about gagged,
and the other half totally hear me)

I tell myself that these are snacks "for Grace and Abby", but it is no
small secret that these are really for Reid and me. If you haven't had these
you're missing out!!

I prefer them slightly dried out, but even fresh outta the bag
i CANNOT stop until every last peach is gone!!

This beautiful companionship makes
me happier than maybe anything else in the world. When i get one of those chips that's just coated in green salty limy sprinkles it's like a mini-lottery win for my taste buds. I'm literally drooling right now.

I can't imagine that my unborn child needs any of the high fructose corn syrup or sodium found in these, i'm just gonna have to accept that some cravings just happen, and perhaps i should use a bit of self-control to curb these.

* i belive this is my first time quoting wikipedia on my blog...feels good


carie said...

YUM! I am craving all that food and am not pregnant.

My favorite: Lime chips.

Elise said...

What she said! I crave all that stuff and I'm not pregnant! Except the hot sauce-I'm a wimp.

merathon said...

LOVE me some hint of lime chips. and obviously you know i can put away some peach rings since you read my blog. . .

Snyder Family said...

You are so funny! I don't think I ever had any cravings during any of my pregnancies except my youngest Andrew, I loved the corn dogs that you get at the fairs. I am not too sure about the hot sauce, but that was a good one. My good friends craved the smell of tires,so she would go to the tire store and just linger. Our bodies do some seriously crazy things when we are pregnant.