Monday, June 16, 2008

San Diego

We just got back from a much needed, somewhat deserved AMAZING weekend getaway to San Diego. Although we originally planned this trip to visit a dear friend and mentor of mine who lost her husband recently, her father's poor health meant a trip to UT for her, and means that we'll just have to plan another trip to CA!

We ended up spending the whole weekend with some of our FAVORITE friends from Law School--the Steenbliks. They were such great hosts and put up with our two loud and energetic girls longer than anyone who isn't family should have to!

They took us to Sea World which was AWESOME!! (we loved it so much we got a sitter for the kids and all us grown-ups went back our last night there!) We don't have any great pictures, but here's what we got.

The girls LOVED the Shamu show--it really is amazing.
I might have been the only one in the audience with
dry eyes (yes, Anne, i'm making fun of you). It was SOOO
fun to finally see this show that i've heard about my whole life!

Waiting for Shamu to start

Grace with Zoey and Elmo
(i have to add here how seriously proud Reid and I
were when Grace ran over and gave Zoey
a hug without us bribing or forcing her!!! So, not Grace,
and oh, so different from December's jaunt with Santa Clause!

Abby was not excited to see a real life version of her
least favorite toy (tickle-me-Elmo), yet i somehow caught
her in between screams for this picture.

We took the girls to the beach, and although they didn't like the waves, they LOVED playing in the sand. My little brother, Jared, and his wife, Kristie, drove down from L.A. and spent the day with us. It was soooo fun to see them, and to see Jared and Grace have so much fun together. My girls don't get to see enough of their awesome aunts and uncles!!!

Grace loved this sand hole that Jared
made for her

Abby loved the mote and wall that Reid made for
her...and for himself (honestly, i've seen the "kid come out"
in Reid before, but maybe never to this extent. It was
so much fun!)

This is what Grace does when i say "Grace, look at
Mommy and smile"

This is what Abby does when i say "Abby,
look at mommy and smile"

To get cute pictures of Grace, like this,
I usually have to lie and say "Look, Grace, Mother Goose
is flying over us" or "i just found Cinderella's lost slipper" or
"Mommy's going to spank you if you don't look at me and smile
right now, dangit!" But this picture just happened on
its makes it a little sweeter, huh!

We obviously couldn't spend 4 days with Rob and Anne and not play the game that brought us together almost 5 years ago.

And then, because i COULDN'T let Reid out-do me with his overwhelmingly sweet Mother's Day gift...i thought i better be the kick-butt wife that i am, and take advantage of our extremely well-timed (albeit coincidentally) trip to San Diego and send him to the U.S. Open. He and Rob spent Friday afternoon at Torrey Pines and had the time of their life--which they most absolutely deserved--and he hasn't stopped talking about it since.

And although i can't imagine any of you are as excited to see this as he was the first, second, 10th, and 28th times, here's a shot of him right behind Tiger on hole #5

With 1:18 left on the video, look above Tiger's head on the first row. He's in a light shirt between a guy in a green shirt and Rob, who's in a blue shirt and red hat. He's hunched down and his head comes up when tiger makes the putt.

Thanks, Anne and Rob, for the perfect weekend!!


Em Russ said...

totally cute picture of Grace smiling. I'm sad we didn't get a preggo beach shot of you though...

Anne Steenblik said...

We had so much fun with the fabulous Colorado Allreds! Please come back once a month for the rest of our lives. And back off of the wet eyes -- I made it through the dolphin show without crying. Doesn't that count??

Snyder Family said...

Looks like you had a great trip. I am jealous. Maybe one day we will go there with my boys. I think they would love that place. So sorry to hear that you couldn't visit with Sis. Hadfield. I hope all is well with her dad. I sure love that lady.

Reid said...
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Reid said...

Thanks for the great trip and great gift hon. You rock!!

carin tatom said...

My hubby would have died to be at Torrey pines! I can't even tell him about Reid, or he'll cry! Too cool! Oh, and cute kids!

merathon said...

patrick is going to be SO jealous when i tell him that reid went to the US Open! maybe someday! what a great wife you are! i want to go to san diego too, you lucky ducks!

Tara said...

I don't think there could be a funner mom on this earth! All of my memories of you are so fun, so positive, I am smiling here alone at midnight just thinking about you! Miss you.