Monday, October 8, 2007

Who's Who in the Bath Tub

I was just looking through some of our pics, thinking that it's a good thing these are digitally dated, or i'd never ever know which of my gals is which! Can you guess?

...and a few more fun bath time photos. these two honestly love bath time!


Em Russ said...

ok WOW! They look identical! Guess that's good though since they are so darn cute! You didn't tell us the answers though... (I guess it doesn't matter really since they look exactly the same though huh!) :) Cute girls and a cute mom! (Love the white robe look on you, by the way! Seriously!!)

emilyandreid said...

abby's the one i'm holding in my robe, and she's the one with the washcloth hiding her privacies...:)